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Special Antennas
  • Wire Antennas   ( 5 Articles )

    Cage antennas for shortwave communication are the ideal solution when the application is limited by the given space situation or certain requirements shall be realized.
    They provide high bandwidth with high efficiency. Cage antennas are manufactured individually according to the corresponding requirements.

    Cage Antenna CA Series


    Single wire antennas have the advantage of easy matching to the operating frequency, They provide efficient transmit and receive characteristics.

    The antennas are manufactured of high quality, rust resistant materials (1.4401) and with special strain insulators. For installation on ships they can be fitted with shock absorber springs.

    All wire antennas are manufactured according to our customer needs.

    Please contact us for further information: info@aas.de

  • Accessories   ( 3 Articles )

    The accessories are the ideal supplement for our special antenna solutions.
    We also deliver customer specific accessory supplements to meet operational needs.

    Insulator GT 300 Insulator ISO K35Insulator ISO G1


    Please contact us for further information: info@aas.de

  • VHF TX-RX Antennas   ( 3 Articles )

    The VHF transmit / receive antennas are specially made for navy applications.
    Other versions and designs can be considered meeting specific requirements.

    Please contact us for further information: info@aas.de

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