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Spare Parts for Wire Antennas


Applicable for wire antennas

CA Series

WA Series


Cage Antenna CA Series


Type Designation
Part Number
Strain Insulator GT 300
Insulator ISO K35 00-06-20-00-00
Strain Insulator RHG 220 AL/0050
Strain Insulator RHG 400 00-06-20-09-00
Insulator RH 300 AL/0002
Strain insulator L 300 D/0997
Insulator ISO G1 00-02-50-01-01
Insulator ISO G2 00-02-50-01-05
Hoisting Rope Niro 20m AHS 20 00-04-18-01-20
Hoisting Rope Niro 25m AHS 37
Hoisting Rope Niro 35m AHS 39 00-04-18-00-23
Hoisting Rope Dyn 25m AHS 25
Hoisting Rope Dyn 40m AHS 40
Hoisting Rope Dyn 45m AHS 45 00-04-18-01-45
Antenna Wire Niro 7x19 D5 KA/0041
Antenna Wire V4A Copper welded D3 KA/0158
Eye terminal for antenna wire 5 mm AL/0032
Net Clip 5 mm AL/0007
Thimble 6 mm Nylon AL/0037
Rope Clip Niro 4-5 mm AL/0088
Shackle 3/8" AL/0067
Shackle 5/16" AL/0066
Shackle Omega 10 mm (1.4567) AL/0082
Spring 1 00-00-38-01-01
Duplex Clamp V4A 3mm HDL AL/0083
Clamping Terminal 8,4 mm slotted 00-04-18-01-07
Clamping Terminal 10,4 mm slotted 00-04-18-01-08
Clamping Terminal 8,4 mm A/0062
Clamping Terminal 10,4 mm A/0076
Quick Link (1.4401) AL/0047
Turnbuckle M10 AL/0146
Turnbuckle M8 AL/0163
Parafil Rope Type G 7 mm (black) AL/0023
Mooring Terminator for Parafil Rope AL/0026

Spare part list are subject to change without prior notice, errors excepted.


Further spare parts are available on request.


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